User Guide


What are different question types in GoSurvey?

GoSurvey provides different question types to set up survey forms. These question types make the usage effortless and easy to understand. It explicits a different look and feel of the survey form which becomes easy for the respondent to comprehend and complete it.

  1. The left-hand side panel displays the question types available to create the survey. There are more than 50 question types available.
  2. The User has to “Drag and drop OR Double click” to add the question in the right-hand side white block. The questions will be added there and the user can write down the desired question in it. GoSurvey has the character limit for any question. The number of characters for the question title is 256.
  3. There is a limit of characters for description & suffix fields, it is 100 & 50 characters respectively.
  4. Users can also function the question’s compulsion, and enable the “Is question required” field to keep the question mandatory.
  5. Click here to get detailed information about the question types available in GoSurvey.