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Web Edit

How to edit submitted responses?

With the help of the ‘Web Data Edit’ feature of GoSurvey, users can edit individual submitted responses in a web survey over the admin site.

Follow the below steps to configure:

Step 1: Once the data collection is over, click on the ‘Responses’ count.

Step 2:  A screen will display all the responses collected for the survey. Now to edit an individual survey response, click on the View icon of a particular response, which helps to view the whole form.

Step 3: At the top, there will be an ‘Edit Record’ icon. Clicking that will open up a new tab of the survey form having all the respective answers.

Step 4: Here, the user can edit or add any question’s answer as needed and submit that response. This can be followed by other individual responses to edit.

Step 5: Lastly, the user can verify all the edited responses by clicking on the View icon of those individual responses.