User Guide


How to create a survey?

Creating a survey on GoSurvey is quite simple and one can get started with the surveys in a few minutes. Please follow the below steps to create a survey.

Step 1:

Login to the GoSurvey admin site by using the same credentials that were set while creating the account. Once logged in, the user will arrive at the dashboard.

Step 2:

On the left panel, click on the Surveys option. The user will arrive at the Surveys list view. Click on the Create Survey button at the top-right corner of the view.

Step 3:

Create Survey dialog box will be prompted as below:

Enter the following details in the dialog box:

  • Name Enter the desired name for the survey.
  • Layout type There are two layouts available
    1. Portrait
    2. Landscape
  • Survey Type
    Select App Survey - if survey is to be conducted through GoSurvey app or Web Survey if survey is to be conducted as an online survey by providing the survey link to respondents. Using the GoSurvey app, the data collection can be done in offline mode too. The app can be installed from Play Store for android handset and from App Store for iOS handset.

  • Is Sub Form?

This survey will be available to configure as a subform.
This question type is ideal to collect data that gets repeated every time or with each collection. A Sub Form is considered to be a part of the main survey form or the parent survey form.
Note - Subform option is available for App Survey Portrait Mode only.

After entering the details, click on the ‘Create Survey’ button.

Step 4:

First, suppose the user selected the ’App Survey’ and created the survey. The following screen would appear to fill ‘App Survey’ details accordingly:

Following are the fields to be filled :

  • Header Text The survey header text will appear as the heading of the survey form. 
  • Header Image This image will appear in landscape mode only. Here you can add the logo image. This will be displayed at the top-right corner of every screen.
  • Welcome Image This image will appear as the first screen of the survey. The image size should not be more than 2MB. Below are the recommended dimension of the image for the best view in:
    • Portrait - 1200 x 1600 pixels (Width x Height)
    • Landscape - 1600 x 1200 pixels (Width x Height)
  • Thank You Image This image will appear after the survey is completed. The image size should not be more than 2MB. Below are the recommended dimension of the image for the best view:
    • Portrait - 1200 x 1600 pixels (Width x Height)
    • Landscape - 1600 x 1200 pixels (Width x Height)
  • Thank You Duration (In Seconds) Duration can be set in seconds up to which the Thank You screen will be displayed. This option is valid only if the “Loop Survey” option is enabled. After the defined duration, the user will be taken to the survey start screen.
  • Theme This configuration provides the option to set the colors for different components of the survey questionnaire. Select the theme for the survey by selecting any one from the drop-down list. Choose “Default” to have the default theme. If the user wants to create their own theme, select Themes option from the left panel.
  • Access Pin A numeric 4 digit access PIN can be set. When enabled it will ask for the PIN if the user/respondent tries to exit the survey without completing the survey. This option is valid for the surveys that are conducted in the GoSurvey mobile application. 
  • TimeOut Seconds Restart the survey if it has been inactive for a specified amount of time(in seconds). Ideal when using a tablet in a kiosk. 
  • Autosave on Timeout If enabled, survey data will be auto saved when the timeout happens.
  • Loop Survey Enabling this option will automatically redirect the user/respondent to the survey start screen after they complete the survey. The time duration for the same is defined in the “Thank You Duration”. If this option is not selected, user will remain on the “Thank You” screen and the user has to click “Start Again” to start the survey.
  • PDF - Show Answered Questions Only If selected, It will export only those question's responses in PDF which are answered. If a given question is not visible due to conditional logic, it will also be excluded from the pdf provided this option is selected. 

Step 5:

Now, suppose the user selects the ‘Web Survey’ (Available in Professional Plan) and creates the survey.

The following screen would appear to fill ‘Web Survey’ details accordingly:

  • Message on Completion On finishing the survey, the text specified in this will be displayed on Thank You screen instead of Thank You image.
  • Default Language By Default, it will be selected as ‘English’. Languages can be added from the ‘My Profile’ section and one of them can be selected for a particular survey. The error messages and labels will be displayed in Web Survey as per this selected language. GoSurvey has French, Portuguese, Español, Arabic, Swedish, Danish, Persian, Gujarati, German, Türkçe language options in addition to English. 
  • Web URL This is the web URL for the survey. This URL can be shared with respondents to carry out the survey online. The Web Url can be opened in any web browser, may it be a desktop browser or mobile device browser.

Step 6:

On clicking Save, it will create the survey with provided details. If the user is creating a new survey, it will take user to the questions screen, where one can add questions to the survey. Click here to know about the question types.

To add the questions, “double click” or “drag & drop” the question from the left panel to the blank screen present at the right of the question types list. Click here to know how to configure the questionnaire in detail.

Once required questions have been added, click on Save and then Publish to make the survey available to fill the data.

If it is an App Survey, on checking ‘Sync configuration on mobile devices?’, app users having access to this survey, will be asked to do Sync Configuration mandatorily in GoSurvey Mobile App.