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Question Variable

Rules to validate:
1) Variable name should not be from the list: "ALL", "AND", "BY", "EQ", "GE", "GT", "LE", "LT", "NE", "NOT", "OR", "TO", "WITH", "ADDLEN", "ADDREC", "AND", "ASS", "ASSIGN", "CALC", "COM", "COMPUTE", "DEF", "DEFINE", "ELSE", "ENDIF", "ENDLOOP", "ENDNET", "IDX", "IF", "INDEX", "LOC", "LOC+", "LOOP", "NET", "NOT", "OR", "REC", "RECODE", "SUB", "TES", "TEST", "TN", "USE", "VAR", "VAR+", "_DAY", "_GLOBAL", "_MONTH", "_RANDOM", "_RANDOM_SEED", "_RANDOM_LOW", "_RANDOM_HIGH", "_YEAR2", "_YEAR4"

2) First character should be english character only. Do not allow any other characters

3) If first character is from: A, S, D, E, F, H, I, M, R, S, V and rest of characters are of number – do not allow.