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$ 40 Month
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$ 65 Month
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# of Surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
# of Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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# of Responses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Conditional Question Display
Multiple Pages
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Lock Survey
Survey Analytics in PDF Export
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Net Promoter Scale(NPS)
Support Multi Language
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Enterprise Features

Partially filled form save

While conducting field survey - at times, forms needs to be saved with currently available information. Later for same form remaining details are to be filled in and then only it has to be commited to sync with cloud. This feature is meant to be for the same scenario. If you have specific need for this, do contact us.

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Web Survey Extended Security

This feature enables web survey to be conducted through specified network (specific list of IP or IP ranges). Also it provides a valid time period option during which survey will remain open for the respondents. If you have specific ned for this, do contact us.

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Offline Export from Device

This feature helps to download the data directly from the data collection device without internet connectivity. It is generally used in scenario where the data collection device is never or not in near time going to be online, so with the help of this feature they can download the data in that device and from there then they can transfer to other device through USB or other offline transfer modes.

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Mobile number verification

This feature is pretty useful in authenticating the mobile number of the respondent via verification code sent through text message. It ensures that you have a valid phone number and the data you have is authentic. This can be done in offline mode as well as in online mode.

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We Offer Discounts To

Discounts to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

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Discount to Students and Educational Institutes

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Discounts to businesses opting for 50+ device licenses

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