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Additional Device License Cost $10/Device $15/Device $25/Device
Additional Device License Cost $100/Device $150/Device $250/Device
Number of Surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Questions 450 450 450
Number of Responses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Offline Mode
iPhone and iPad
Android Phones & Tablets
Web Survey (Web Link)
Customized Welcome Image
Customized Thank You Image
Customized Look and Feel (Themes)
Add Your Own Background Image
Prevent Survey Exit
Survey Looping
Restart Survey When Abandoned
Mandatory Questions
Conditional Question Display
Text Block
Barcode/QR Scanner
Supports Multilingual
Question Randomization
Options Randomization
Page Branching
Conditionally Exit
Auto Reply Email
Auto Reply SMS (*)
Hide Question
Page Expression
Prevent Back Navigation
Media As Question
Image Based Options
Sub Form
Answer Filtering
Answer Piping
Broadcast Message To Users
Select Image From Gallery
Advance Notification
Real Time Access To Data
Download Data to Excel/CSV
Control Column Display
Download Data to SPSS (.sav)
Dashboard Analytics (User Customized)
Online Survey Analytics
Response Count Summary
Export Individual Question Analytics
View responses by Data Segmentation/Filters
Response Based Email Alerts
Response Based SMS (*)
Response Reports
Net Promoter Scale (NPS)
Assign Surveys to Users
View Responses by User
Authorize Users to Collect Data
Authorize Users to View Data
Authorize Users to Manage Surveys
View Responses by User Segmentation/Filters
Map Coordinates (GPS)
Cascade Options
Radio Grid
Checkbox Grid
Dropdown Grid
Singleline Text Grid
Radio Button with Image (Single Choice)
Checkbox with Image (Multiple Choice)
Radio Grid with Other
Checkbox Grid with Other
Dropdown Grid with Other
Radio Button With Text
Checkbox With Text
Capture Photo
Number Point Grid
Record Video
Record Audio
One Question per Screen
All Questions on One Screen
Questions on Multiple Screen
Next & Previous Buttons for Screen Navigation

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Enterprise Features

The enterprise features are included in our different enterprise subscription plans.

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Partially Filled Form Save

This feature allows users to save a partially filled form. The users can fill the form with the remaining information at a later time period upon its availability.

Enterprise Features icon

Web Survey Extended Security

This feature enables a web survey to be conducted through a specified network (specific list of IP or IP ranges). Also, it provides a valid time period option during which survey will remain open for the respondents.

Enterprise Features icon

Offline Export From Device

This feature helps to download the data directly from the data collection device without internet connectivity.

Enterprise Features icon

Mobile Number Verification

This feature authenticates the mobile number of the respondent. Verification code to be sent on the respondent’s mobile number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does GoSurvey’s pricing work?

GoSurvey is a subscription-based product. It charges on 3 factors

  • No. of Device Licence

  • Duration

  • Plan selected.

GoSurvey doesn’t charge on Surveys or Responses collected. It provides Unlimited Surveys, Unlimited Questions and Unlimited Responses to collect in any plan you choose.

Yes, each plan is customizable. In case you want a certain feature to be included or excluded in your current plan, we can do that.

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any point of time.

If you’re on a free trial, upgrade to a plan before your free trial expires to continue using GoSurvey. If you want to upgrade to a higher plan from your existing plan, you can do so by contacting us.

Each plan of GoSurvey comes with license for 1 device. If you want to use GoSurvey on more than 1 device then you will have to purchase a device license depending on the number of devices you want to use GoSurvey on.

Yes, special discount to students, educational institutions, NGOs and non-profits are provided. Additionally, if you have a requirement of 25+ device license then we offer it at a discounted price. We request you to contact us for pricing.

Unfortunately there are no refund or cancellation policy in place.

GoSurvey provides payment via Paypal - where as per your country, you may make payment via Credit Card, Debit Card or through bank transfer. In case you want to make payment against invoice or wire transfer, get in touch with sales team at to get more details.