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How to create survey?

GoSurvey provides general survey templates of various fields to the customers. It also has the feature to customize the survey form depending upon the user’s requirement. To create your own survey, follow the below steps: More..

How to view analytical reports?

The analytical reports can be created based on the data synchronized to cloud. The analytical report can be created for any of the question having question type as radio, checkbox, etc.. To view analytical reports, follow these steps: More..

How to configure scoring to the survey?

GoSurvey lets you to give scores to the questions. This scoring helps the user to analyse the performance based on the scores given to the particular area/group/department. To configure scoring to the survey, follow these steps: More..

User Management

Creating users is a great effort to designate the work within GoSurvey. It is very important to delegate the authority if the business is vast and difficult to manage. To configure/manage users, follow below steps: More..

How to configure theme for the survey?

GoSurvey theme support enables you to add your logo and customize the total look and feel of the survey. Branding strengthens the business and can lead to a good marketing strategy. GoSurvey helps the business to do the branding via adding themes to the survey. To configure Theme, follow below steps: More..

How to configure Birthday/Anniversary Email Notifications?

Birthday/Anniversary emails are great at grabbing the customer’s attention. Because Birthday/Anniversary emails are inherently sentimental and delightful to customers, they are a quick and easy win for any brand looking to enhance customer relationships.. Birthday/Anniversary emails can bring lift in conversions compared to the normal version of the email. To configure such type of email, follow the below steps: More..

How can I save incomplete survey?

GoSurvey has a very different feature called as “Partial Form Completion”, here the user can save the form in between the completion. More..

How to conduct online survey

Web surveys have been proved very beneficial in terms of taking feedback online . Respondent can give the feedback in accordance with the convenience, he/she don’t require user’s device. Respondent can use it on web or its own device. Web Surveys are user friendly and work great if applied appropriately. It can be used in various departments , such as hotels & restaurants, resorts, real estate, HR, hospitals, education etc More..

While in offline mode - where my collected data is stored?

The data that is gathered on offline mode will be stored in the application memory in an encrypted file format. More..

Will notification email be sent if application is in offline mode while collecting data?

No. The notifications are redirected from the admin system and not from the device, so when you are collecting the data on offline mode the notifications will not be dispatched and will only be sent after the device is connected to the internet. More..

How to view survey responses?

The responses collected from mobile device and/or web forms are stored in your account under the given survey. To view the collected responses, follow the below steps: More..

How to view scoring report?

The scoring report calculates the score/average value based on the score given to each of the option for radio or radio matrix or number scale question types. To view scoring report, follow these steps: More..

Response based notifications

In GoSurvey user can also manage the surveys once they are get submitted. User can send courtesy emails or SMS to the respondent in relation to the requirement, this helps the user to maintain the customer relationship. More..

How many question types does GoSurvey facilitates?

GoSurvey avails different types of questions to the user. This question types makes the usage effortless and easy to understand. It explicits a different look and feel of the survey form which becomes easy for the respondent to comprehend and complete it. More..

Advance Notification

It is a great gesture, if the customers are notified about the offers or discount on their special days which can be beneficial to groom up the business. This feature enables you to connect to your customers on their special days which could increase footfall and eventually achieve your business goals. To configure Advance Notification, follow below steps: More..

How to configure Check In/Check Out Email Notifications?

Check In / Check Out emails effectively adds more value to your guests, accumulate positive reviews, and improve guest retention. Most guests after returning from their trips can quickly forget their experience with the stay. Capture their thoughts when they’re still fresh and send them pre stay and post stay emails to expand the customer relation. To configure such type of email, follow the below steps: More..

How can I switch application license to another device?

In GoSurvey one can also keep track on device’s status, that is whether it is active or inactive, date and time of the device on which it got activated/deactivated or to transfer the device license. To check this stuff, follow the below process. More..

How can I upload the data after being online?

Once the data is collected in offline mode, switch on the data connection of your device and click on the “Upload data” button on the left side panel.The device will upload the data from your device to the admin account. More..

How can I upload my data if I logout from the application by mistake?

GoSurvey never loses the collected data from the device. Log in to the application with the same credentials you used for collecting the data, the responses gathered will be there in the app itself. More..

What will happen if similar device is used by two different user in case of offline mode?

If the same device is used by two different user, then the data will be uploaded respectively. More..