GoSurvey for iOS
GoSurvey for Android


How to create survey?

GoSurvey provides general survey templates of various fields to the customers.It also has the feature to customize the survey form depending upon the user’s requirement. To create your own survey, follow below steps: More..

How to view analytical reports?

The analytical reports can be created based on the data synchronized to cloud. The analytical report can be created for any of the question having question type as radio, checkbox, etc.. To view analytical reports, follow these steps: More..

How to configure Scoring to the Survey?

GoSurvey lets you to give scores to the questions. This scoring helps the user to analyse the performance based on the scores given to the particular area/group/department. To configure scoring to the survey, follow these steps: More..

How to view survey responses?

The responses collected from mobile device and/or web forms are stored in you account under the given survey. To view these responses, follow these steps: More..

How to view scoring report?

The scoring report calculates the score/average value based on the score given to each of the option for radio or radio matrix or number scale question types. To view scoring report, follow these steps: More..