Survey Question Type

Question Types

Choosing the Right Survey Questions

To get the most out of your survey, it is important to keep your basics right to get the kind of result that you’re expecting. Here, the basics is all about asking the right question and to frame the right question, we help you with over 35+ question types that makes it easy for you to decide what you want to ask to your targeted audience. We offer 3 categories of question types, namely - Open-ended questions, Closed-ended questions and Multimedia questions.

Let’s understand them in brief.

Closed-ended Questions

Unlike open-ended questions, the respondent have to select from a predefined set of options to answer any questions that are asked. These question types comes in multitude of forms like - checkbox, multiple-choice question and much more. These survey questions are often helpful in deriving more accurate results. You can get more statistical information from these types of questions.

Open-ended Questions

Open-ended or free text survey question allows the respondent to input their answers in a text-box. These questions are helpful when you want the respondent to share their name, phone, address or even their opinion and suggestions on using your services or product. A detailed response is always helpful to get accurate information.

Multimedia Questions

Going a step forward, GoSurvey even allows you to capture multimedia information like, image, audio, video and more. Many a times a surveyor might feel the need to capture any of these multimedia information for better understanding or authentication of the collected data.