The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), lays strict rule for businesses which collect data, stores and processes EU citizen’s personal data. This new regulation is set to affect organizations worldwide who deals with collection and processing of EU Citizen’s personal data.

With GDPR in place, citizens (customers) from the European Union can now exercise greater control over their data and decide the extent to which businesses can store & manage the same.

Taking your Trust & Security a Step ahead

At GoSurvey, Data Security has been our topmost priority since our inception. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have got you covered even more.

As part of our compliance with GDPR, we make sure that whatever data we collect whether offline or online, be it for any purpose like market research, customer feedback etc, we make sure it’s in accordance with GDPR and privacy laws.

GoSurvey Approach

We are committed to your Privacy and Security. Our platform helps you with collecting & managing data in an easy way. We assure your data is safe with us. You control and own your data.


We are transparent throughout the process. If you have any concern regarding your personal data, you can request an audit. You can contact our Data Protection officer at and ask for any information related to your account.

Personal Privacy

We respect personal privacy of our customers’ data. Though we process customer data, it is the customer who has rights to edit, delete, retain or retain or migrate data.


The GoSurvey platform is enriched with Enterprise security features which makes us a trusted and secured platform for our numerous clients around the world. We have tightened our IT infrastructure, data security platform & IT policies so as to offer our customers, enhanced end-to-end security.

Right to erasure

Complying with GDPR which says the individuals have the right to request the Controller (the company which has control over your data) to erase their personal data permanently. We have system in place and we make sure we respond to requests in the shortest time. Recipients are notified when we erase their data.

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Data Correction

GDPR includes a right to recognise a request for correcting the data. Through this an inaccurate data of an individual can be corrected or rectified and even have their personal data be completed if incase it’s incomplete.

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Data Retention

GoSurvey has a rigid functionality when it comes to how customers/individuals control their data. Data is safe secured as long as you have an active account with us. You can control how long you want to keep the data. Suppose you chose to remove a survey response from your account, be assured that data is removed from our database also.

GoSurvey GDPR Readiness Checklist

GDPR training given to all employees who handle customer data

Privacy Policy Updated

Cookie Policy Updated

Data Protection Officer Appointed

GoSurvey has time and again won the trust and love from clients around the world and we hope of taking a step ahead with our enhanced security features that are GDPR compliant and rest assured we will give the highest priority to Data Security no matter where you’re located.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to write to our Data Protection Officer at Our GDPR team will be more than happy to answer your queries.