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What is “Conditional Display” or “Question Flow Logic”?

Question Flow Logic or Conditional Display feature simplifies the task by giving condition based on the answer given to the question. It is used for displaying the particular question depending upon the given condition. Until and unless the conditional option is not selected the question will be hidden. Questions can be included or bypassed depending on previous answers given.

To use this feature Login to your admin portal i.e. admin.gosurvey.in with the same credentials you used while account creation.

Step 1:
  • Click on the survey where you need to configure the conditional display feature. After selecting the survey, go on to the Questions screen as shown below.
Survey Questions Screen
Step 2:
  • On the top right corner there is a button to add conditional display for the question. Click on the button to configure it.
  • Click on conditional display button
Step 3:
  • A screen will appear to configure the question flow logic to the questions.
  • Conditional Display logic can only be applied on question types such as - Radio Button, Check Box, Text Singleline, Text Number & Date questions
  • Conditional Display Screen
  • Add the condition to the options you wish to configure. The question will get hidden and will only be appeared it the answer meets the logic applied to it.
  • There are different operators for every question type where the logic will be applied accordingly.
  • Conditional Display Fields

There are 3 fields that needs to be selected. They are as follows;

  • Operator For “Free Text” question type the operators are =, != and “contains”, whereas operators of question types such as Date and 5 star rating are =, !=, <, >. Radio Button options have only two operators = and !=, Check Box has only one operator.
  • Value Select the operator and then select the Value on which the condition is to be applied. The “Value” dropdown includes the options of the questions. Select the option on which the logic is to be set.
  • Question to display After the values is being selected, select the question/s that needs to be displayed on the selected value/answer/option. User can select multiple questions to one value. The question will be hidden until the value is selected.
  • User can add multiple logic/condition to one question. Suppose there are lists of questions which needs to be appear on one option and another list of questions on another option. Here the user have to add 2 conditions for both the values/options. For Eg..
  • Conditional Display Multiple Condition

If there is a question - Gender and the options are Male or Female. And the user wants to bifurcate the questions for each option, then he has to create one condition for Male option and select the questions related to it and then add another value i.e. Female and select the questions from the “Question to display” respectively. As a result the questions will be automatically appeared in the selection of the option/answer in the survey form.

Step 4:

Save and Publish the survey to activate the feature.

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