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How to View Analytical Reports?

The analytical reports can be created based on the data synchronized to cloud. The analytical report can be created for any of the question having question type as radio, checkbox, etc.. To view analytical reports, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Login to https://admin.gosurvey.in with your username & password which you have set while creating GoSurvey account.

After login, it would show the dashboard.

Gosurvey Dashboard
Step 2:
  • Click on the “Surveys” link on the left side panel. On the right hand panel there will be the list of surveys which the user has created.
  • The survey list will show the below information.
    • Name: Name of the Survey the user has given while creating it.
    • Type: Layout type of the survey, i.e Portrait or Landscape.
    • Responses: Responses of the survey collected by the user.
    • Analytics: Analytics includes the analytical data of the survey responses. GoSurvey provides four different types of graphs to user for the analytical presentation of the data: 
      • Column Graph
      • Bar Graph
      • Pie Chart
      • Line Diagram
    • Archive: User can archive the survey if the particular survey is not in use currently.
    • Status: Status of the Survey whether it is published or unpublished.
    • Edit Button: To edit the survey.
    • Dropdown button: It includes the options to configure notifications, users, scoring report, response summary and an option to delete the survey if required.
Gosurvey Survey List
Step 3:

User can also view the analytical data of the total responses.Click on “Analytics” to view the analytic reports.

Gosurvey View Analytics
Step 4:
    • After clicking it will show the Analytics screen.
Gosurvey Analytics Detail
    • On the left side there will be fields to create a report. They are as follows:
      • Question: User has to select the required question to see the report. The question dropdown will include the questions which are asked in survey form.
      • Date Range: Select the date range for which the data has to be obtained.
      • User: Here also user can differentiate the responses ,user wise.
      • Data Filter: User can see the report on the basis of any question operator.
    • Also the user can filter the responses on basis of “filters” given i.e suppose if the user has given the filter values as state, city or area, then the user can select the specific location to get the desired data.
Gosurvey Analytics Detail Filter
    • On the right side the user has to select the Filter values according to the necessity, after selecting the location filter, user has to click on “Show Result” to view the analytic report.
    • After that once you select any question to view the report below.
    • The report will be available on the basis of the responses collected.
    • User can also export the analytic report in PNG format.
    • User can also change the type of report according to the requirement from the drop down selection, i.e Bar Diagram, Pie Chart, Line diagram.
Gosurvey Report Type
  • Once the data is generated, user can pin the report on the dashboard also.
Step 5:
    • Click on “Pin to Dashboard” to show the report on Dashboard screen.
Gosurvey Pin Report to Dashboard
    • After pinning it to the dashboard it will be seen on the dashboard screen and user can customize the date range as per the requirement.
Gosurvey Dashboard Reports
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