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How to create survey?

GoSurvey provides general survey templates of various fields to the customers.It also has the feature to customize the survey form depending upon the user’s requirement. To create your own survey, follow below steps:

Step 1:

Login to https://admin.gosurvey.in with your username & password which you have set while creating GoSurvey account.

After login, it would show the dashboard.

Gosurvey Dashboard
Step 2:

Click on the “Surveys” link at left hand side panel. Click on “Create Survey” button located at top right hand side.

Gosurvey Survey List
Step 3:

After clicking on Create Survey a screen will appear. Fill the details accordingly.

Gosurvey Create Survey
    • Following are fields to be filled for creating a new survey:
      • Name: Enter the survey name you want to keep.
      • Layout type: There are two layouts available -
        • Portrait
        • Landscape
        • Web Survey (Available if included in the plan)
      • Header Text: Enter the heading of the Survey form. The heading will be displayed on the survey form.
      • Header Image: User can upload any image/logo. This image will be displayed on left side on the header in web survey/landscape layout type.
      • Welcome Image: This image will be displayed first before starting any survey. The image should not be more than 2 MB.
      • Thank you Image: This image will be displayed after the survey is finished. The image should not be more than 2 MB.
      • Thank You Duration: This duration will be the time for how much the user wants to display the Thank You image. The duration will be counted in seconds.
      • Theme: The theme which the user customizes can be selected from the drop down list.
      • Web Theme: The web theme can be selected from the drop down list, if only the Web survey is available in the opted plan.
      • Loop survey: Starts the survey right after the user/respondent click “Finish” button for current survey if the field is selected.
      • Timeout (Seconds): In case the device is kept ideal for long time in while filling the survey, after certain seconds of time (as decided) the user will be placed on to the survey screen of the app.
      • Background Location Capture: The app will take the location in the background simultaneously with any data collected.
      • Is background Location Capture mandatory: If the user selects this option than the app will never ask for the permission to take the location.
      • Prevent Multipletime Form Fill: If enabled, it will prevent multiple time form fill from same browser session.
      • Message On Multipletime Fill Attempt: Show message when user tries to fill form again from same browser session.
      • White List IP Address(s): Add IPV4 addresses seperated by line or ',' or ';' through which this survey can be accessible.
      • Message On Access Outside of White List IP: Message to show when user tries access survey from out side of white listed IP addresses.
      • Allow Survey for Defined Duration Only: Define start date and end date when this survey can be accessible.
    • After filling the fields, click on “Save” button to continue to add the questions.
Gosurvey Save Survey Fields
    • The Survey details will get saved and will take the user to the “Questions” screen.
Gosurvey Survey Form
    • Here the user can add its own questions according to their requirements.
    • The question can be added in the blank screen by “Drag and Drop OR Double click to add” facility from the Question List which is available on the left side.
Gosurvey Add Questions
    • The left side panel displays the type of questions available to create the survey. There are 26 question types available.
    • They are as follows:
      • Text Single Line: This type can be used for a small sentence or a word.
      • Text Multiline: This type of question is used for any long description/paragraph ,comments, suggestions etc.
      • Text Number: This is used to enter any numeric value.
      • Text Decimal: Any value with the decimal can be entered in this question type. User can also control the prefix values.
      • Date: This question type has calendar in it. The user can simply select the date asked in question eg. date of birth, date of anniversary etc.
      • Date & Time: It allows you to capture date & time as per your requirement. For example- the user can simply select the guest’s checkin and checkout date and time.
      • NPS: It is used to measure customer loyalty and gives you better insights of customers’ choice.
      • GPS Location: It captures the location automatically from the device.
      • Number Point: The question type, number point is used when there is a need to give scale to any question. The scale should be in the class of 10.
      • Email: This field is specifically to be used for Email ids. It even intimates the user if the email id is invalid by showing the error message.
      • Phone Number: Specially used in cases to enter the mobile numbers or telephone numbers.
      • Check Box list: If the user wants to select more than one option, this question type can be used.
      • Check Box List with Other: This question types gives the facility to enter any free text in “Others” option at the end apart from the remaining options.
      • 5 Star Rating: Star icon rating to rate any question.
      • Radio Button: Only one option can be selected in this type of question.
      • Radio Button with Others: In case user doesn't want to select the given option he/she can use the “Other” option to write free text.
      • Drop Down: It gives the list of the options with a drop down arrow. Here only one option can be selected.
      • Drop Down with Others: If the user does not find his/her option than it can be written in the “Others” option.
      • 2 Columns check box: More than 1 option can be selected and the options will be displayed in columns format, in 2 columns.
      • Text Block: A static text that will appear at the down of the survey form.
      • Photo Capture: Captures any photo via device.
      • Video Upload: User can upload any video. It also gives the facility to give any maximum length to record any video.
      • Audio Upload: User can record a audio and can upload it, here also one can manage the length of recording.
      • Signature: E signature can be taken in the device itself.
      • Radio Grid: It's a type of question where the user can get a matrix view of the questions and options. The questions will be displayed in rows and options in columns.
      • Yes/No: This question have special icons of Yes/No to add beauty to the survey form (Available only in Landscape Layout).
      • Male/Female: This question type has specific icon of Male & Female. (Available only in Landscape Layout).
      • True/False: This question have special icons of True/False. (Available only in Landscape Layout).
      • Radio Grid With Others: In this question type, if a user don't want to select any of the given option,then he/she can use the “Others” field to write free text.
      • Checkbox Grid: The checkbox grid allows users to select multiple answer for each row and column displayed in a tabular format.
      • Checkbox grid with other: In this question type, if a user don’t want to choose any of the answers listed in grid format, then he or she can write their answer in the “others” field.
      • Number scale grid: Number scale grid helps to rate and compare more than one attributes simultaneously.
    • On the center part of the screen there is a white blank screen there the user can add the questions accordingly.
    • The Questions can also be resequenced after adding it by dragging it and placing it to the place the user wants.
    • On the top of the white blank screen there are two buttons available
      • Add Group: Group can be added according to the survey form. This usually includes different department or sections.
      • Question Bank: This feature provides user with the ready-made question templates or any other survey created. 
        On selecting “Question Bank” button there will be two options available
        • Existing Survey: The user can copy down the questions which are already configured in any other custom survey.
        • Template: As discussed GoSurvey avails different templates of various sections from which the User can opt according to the requirement. The template will get copied in the corresponding survey and the user can edit the questions further according to need if required.
    • At the below of the white screen there is an option to add pages if the user wants to make a Multi screen survey.
    • At the top right side corner there are three buttons available, they are
      • Resequence: The user can resequence the pages, groups or questions as per the need.
      • Conditional Display: This feature is for displaying the particular question depending upon the given condition. Until and unless the conditional option is not selected the question will be hidden.
      • Scoring: User can set the scores for the given question , to obtain the scoring report of the survey. The report calculates the average of the total responses. The score can be set for the “Radio Button” question type only. They can be downloaded in the PNG format.
Gosurvey Survey Actions
    • The user can do any settings in the question as per the requirement.
Gosurvey Question Settings
    • The user can hide the question as per the requirement. By hiding the question it won't display in survey form.
Gosurvey Hide Settings
  • The user can also delete the question if required.
Step 4:

After adding all the desired questions click on “Save” button to save and publish your survey.

Gosurvey Publish Survey
    • Once the survey is saved. The “Create Survey” screen gets enable with three buttons.
Gosurvey Survey Actions
  • The button are on the top right side corner:
    • Questions: It is the question screen where the user can add or edit the survey form.
    • Notifications: User can avail this feature to notify about any offers or updates via email or SMS to its customers. Notifications are available of 5 types:
      • Follow Up Email: Send out a follow up email after the survey is completed.
      • Follow Up SMS: Send out a follow up SMS after the survey is completed. This feature is available if it is included in the opted package.
      • Alert Email: Send out an alert email based on the response criteria.
      • Alert SMS: Send out a text alert based on the response criteria.
      • Digest Email: Send out an email with daily or weekly responses in email.
    • Users: You can manage your survey users based on the location filters.
  • On Publishing the survey download the GoSurvey App and log in with the same user credentials to check the Survey form and can start using it.
  • Kindly Click Here to go through how to view the responses collected by the user.
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