Why Surveys are Important in Travel & Hospitality Industry?

The growing importance of the travel and hospitality industry for the global economy is summarized in this excellent infographic Mario Skrzypczak, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nerval Corporation.
Mario Said:
"One of the reasons for the increase in travel and tourism is the increase in the number of trips on bleisure.

Bleisure is a combination of business and leisure travel, and 72% of business travelers now add a leisure element to business travel."

Hotels often offer offers and packages to recreation or business guests.

Perhaps it is possible to create hybrid packages that support both markets?

Mario continues: "The hotel industry needs to understand the customer segment properly and stay in relation to them.

“It is a great opportunity for hotels and restaurants to stand out from the crowd and create a unique visitor experience during each visit. This will help them thrive in the market that still growing. "

Some of the main trends that drive the industry in the new year include the addition of a holistic system, the improvement of the technical system of the brands, the change with the rapid growth requirements of customers, etc., to name a few. All industry requires appropriate changes and must adapt to existing technologies. It is there, to change it, the companies that operate in the industry have to adapt.

The importance of the study for hotels and the hospitality industry

The travel and hospitality industry is growing faster. The entire segment requires a new technology trend to survive in the fast-paced world, taking into account the difficult competition from existing market forces. Although the travel and hospitality industry is the main source of foreign exchange earnings for many countries in the world, the entire industry needs modernization.

1. Key growth factor

Using Survey the travel and hospitality industry can understand key growth factors. They can indicate the growing and changing needs of customers, thus channeling the entire process to get better growth.

2. Room for improvement

Surveys give industry players the opportunity to understand where they are missing and what they need to do to counteract changing challenges.

3. Future growth platform

Surveys provide a platform for brands to use their ideas and understand future growth prospects.

4. Attract customers

Surveys carried out with certain rewards and consumer feelings ensure that you become a loyal consumer base and that they count on you for the amazing range of services that you offer.

5. Responding to tourist feedback

The surveys inform and educate consumers and make them feel that you appreciate their opinions. They spread their marketing through the word of mouth and thus increase the possibility of highly valued products and services.

GoSurvey App has features for travel and hospitality industry that enables you to find out what makes a visit to your fair city or town memorable, or what it might take to make yours a preferred travel destination.

Everyone wants their journey to be enjoyable, memorable and stress-free. GoSurvey can help gather guests' opinions to make sure that you exceed the needs and expectations of tourists around the world.

The competition of other industries that work towards tourism, the appearance of modern technologies and the need to constantly adapt existing technologies to new processes and systems, etc. They have made the travel and hospitality industry revives.

In future, we will see a series of facelifts for the industry.


Consumer surveys continue to play a central role in the appearance of hotels to improve service levels, improve the guest experience and better understand their clients' needs.

The latest tools can help you get a quick overview of your overall satisfaction levels or provide detailed data that offers invaluable information while on the go.

Ultimately, choosing the most appropriate option comes down to budgeting, process ease and the level of insight you want to achieve. Regardless of the type of questionnaire tool you choose, asking the right questions at the right time will ultimately play a decisive role in the quantity and quality of the data you receive.

The coming year will be sufficient competition and risk for the entire industry. Increasing global instability, the threat of nuclear war, political instability in the world and other key factors highly Impact the travel and hospitality industry is growing faster.

The entire segment requires a new technology trend to survive in the fast-paced world, taking into account the difficult competition from existing market forces.