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Importance of Surveys in Education Sector

Importance of Surveys in Education Sector

Feedback is an important part of the education sector that requires continuous improvement for balanced environment and continuous growth. Education surveys are an intelligent way to get open and honest feedback.

Why Feedback is important for education sector

1. Helps in maintaining quality and standards in higher education
Feedback from students become the most commonly used and, in many cases, the only source of information to maintain the quality and standards in higher education.

The feedback collected by the students should be properly reviewed and required action should be taken to promote the following things:

  • It helps in ensuring the efficiency of course design and delivery
  • It helps in enabling dialogue with students
  • It helps to identify good practices.
  • It helps in measuring the student’s satisfaction.
  • It helps students reflect their experiences transparently.

There are following things that should be ensured to the students to make them feel comfortable in the feedback process:

  • Students will not suffer because of their feedback.
  • They are being heard and the process is being taken seriously.
  • Necessary action will be taken.
  • Students are participating as partners in the process.

There are many Survey tools available like GoSurvey that helps to evaluate the feedback of students and their parents about courses, teachers and facilities.

2. Contributing to the satisfaction and development of teachers
School surveys help in figuring out whether teachers feel they have the level of support they need in their work environment and whether the department is satisfied with the department's leadership.
By asking for feedback, you can motivate teachers for better performance. Teachers like to feel valued and appreciate the request to provide feedback that can help an appropriate learning environment for students.

The study by McKeacbie-The Evaluation of Teachers in Higher Education (1975) shown that yes the feedback and ratings helps in improving the quality of teaching staff, but also discovered that improvement depends on specific influences.

  • First, it depended on whether the feedback revealed something new to the teacher.
  • Secondly, it depended on whether the teacher was motivated to improve.
  • Thirdly, it also depended on whether the teacher knew how to improve.

3. Enable parents to showcase their opinion about institute, teachers and their child.
Each school system is different and each educational program has many unique goals, the overall purpose of feedback from parents (and its subsequent importance in the learning environment) is relatively consistent. The primary purpose of many parents' surveys is to gather and understand parental opinions and perspectives in relation to the school, their staffs and education in general in order to improve the teaching environment.

The availability of parents at school for feedback is a really difficult task in this busy world, so there are many tools & applications for surveys that can make life easier for parents.

Feedback is valuable when it is received, understood and applied. The way students analyze, discuss and act on the basis of opinions is just as important as the quality of the feedback itself (Nicol, 2010).

For all these reasons, one of the main highlights of this blog is that in many institutions it may be time to review the rules and practices for student feedback. As a result of such a review, it will probably be necessary to consider whether the objectives are clear and relevant, whether they are achieved and whether they can be achieved more effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, the feedback lies at the basis of the relationship between the student and the teacher and other applications and functions should certainly be secondary to this role.

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