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Leverage The Power of Education Surveys With GoSurvey

When facilitating learning through teaching and training, you need to share content and evaluate how well it was received. GoSurvey can help you assess students' and parents' feedback about courses, teachers and facilities.

Key Benefits

Response Based Notification

Send an email alert to authority person or a department when a Student feedback meets a specific set of conditions. This helps to resolve the student’s problems in real time.

Instant Reports

GoSurvey not only collect the student’s feedback but also provide Graphical Reports for better understanding of student’s requirement and issues.


With the help Scoring feature you can evaluate your staff performance and score them.

Multiple Department Management

If you have more than one department in a campus, GoSurvey helps you to manage them by sitting at one place. You will get their reports instantly, so you don't need to rely on them.

Follow up SMS and Emails

GoSurvey will send Courtesy SMS and Emails to your respondent automatically, It will also send apology SMS and Email to your respondent in case of poor experience.

It works Offline

If any of your campus area has poor internet connectivity, then not to worry, GoSurvey can collect the data in offline mode and will automatically push those data whenever it gets connected to internet.

NPS Reports

Use Net Promoter Score to measure the effectiveness of educational seminar, guest lecture or any event.

Turn Tablets into Kiosks

Transform your tablet into an interactive student feedback collection kiosk and deploy it different area of campus.

Supports Local Languages

Survey forms can be configured in local or regional languages.



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