Employee Feedback Surveys - Why Do You Need It?

Today, many companies are facing the challenge of increasing employee turnover. This is mainly because of the large gap between the employers and their employees. You will be surprised on knowing the real reasons behind why an employee resigns the company. So, how do we bridge this gap? The answer is very simple. Just take their feedback! Let’s look at why employee feedback is important:

Importance of Employee Feedback

It is very crucial for companies to engage with their employee and get feedback about various aspects. We have often heard about managers of seniors reviewing employees and giving feedback about their performances. However, the real need of the hour is to know if the employees are satisfied with their job.

Employee satisfaction is an important element for the functioning of any company.

  • A happy employee will give more productivity compared to an unsatisfied employee. They will spread an optimistic spirit amongst the team increasing the productivity and loyalty of other employees as well.

  • On the other hand, a discontent employee will spread unhappiness and discontent among other employees. This indirectly affects the increase in employee turnover. Hence, it is crucial to not only rate the employee but also collect their feedback about various aspects of the organization.

  • As per a recent survey conducted by Gallup in the US, 26% of employees were found to be happy and engaged with the organization. Whereas, 55% were not engaged and merely doing the job for the heck of it. Rest of the 19% were completely discontent with the organization. This also impacts the cost of staff turnover.

Therefore, it is essential to conduct employee feedback surveys to know if the employees are happy and productive. Following are some ways how surveys can help in collecting employee feedback.

Types of Employee Feedback Surveys that can help the organization

Following are some of the ways where employee feedback that is useful for the organization can be obtained:

1. Induction Surveys

It is very important to conduct a small test or an induction survey after an employee joins the company. This shows the employee’s understanding of the organization, their goals, the working process, team structure, etc. An employee with completed understanding is bound to be more productive as his knowledge of the process and the intent behind the work is clear.

2. Working Environment Survey

Are employees facing any issues in the workplace? It is crucial to know if employees have any complaints in terms of facilities or people around. An unprofessional environment in office might lead to disputes that will impact the productivity of the organization. Hence, surveys can be used to monitor the general satisfaction of an employee in the office.

3. Post-training Surveys

Many training programs are conducted by companies for the employees. However, are the employees really learning or benefitting from these programs? Post-training surveys will tell the company exactly how much an employee has learned and benefitted from any training. This will give a direction to the organization of what kind of training employees want and which ones they are not interested in. It will save the company productivity time and money.

4. Exit Surveys

When an employee resigns, an exit survey is essential to know the employee’s feedback. Exit Surveys not only cover the reason for the employee to leave, but also disclose his likes and dislikes with the working environment, the people, issues with the process. This gives the company a scope of improvement, thereby indirectly decreasing their employee turnover costs.
All these Surveys are not quantitative that can be rated with a mere yes or no but are extensive and qualitative surveys. And getting all this done on paper can be a tedious job. That’s why all companies are turning to Survey Apps.

Survey Apps – The right way for Employee feedbacks

As companies and businesses turn to tech-savvy methods, Survey Apps are becoming the talk of the time. These Survey Apps can be embedded into an online or offline medium. Here’s how survey apps can help organizations easily collect employee feedback.

  • Offline Survey Apps can gather employee feedback without an internet connection. It can provide all the deliverables of an online survey app and many more.

  • Survey Apps are hassle-free and collect employee feedback without any paperwork. It not only saves the manual work but also decreases the company’s carbon footprint.

  • All the above surveys and more can be customized and designed in the same app making it easily accessible to the employees, as well as the company. On the other hand, companies can also access all the surveys taken by the same employee on different occasions. This way, they can observe the progress of the employee over the given tenure.

  • Survey Apps can immediately send an email notification to the organization as soon as employees submit their survey. This will allow them to immediately act upon any negative feedback received from the employee.

  • At times, an employee might be loaded with work and does not find enough time to take surveys. Well, that’s not a problem anymore. GoSurvey allows the employees to partially complete the survey and get back to it later at their convenience.

GoSurvey not only provides the above features but much more, integrated with online as well as offline survey apps. We have assisted many customers in creating interactive employee feedback surveys, helping them in gaining an insight of the employee-satisfaction rate in their company. It has also helped them make the right changes they need to decrease employee turnover.

It’s time to turn to GoSurvey. Let us help you keep your employees happy, satisfied and productive.