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Market Research

Businesses around the world cannot succeed without knowing people's opinions and behaviour. Choices and needs vary by factors like- Age, Gender or education to name a few. Understanding these factors effectively and conducting market research surveys at various levels can help business take informed decision.

Customer Demographics Survey Template

Demographic survey template is helpful in getting insights on choices based on age, gender and many other factors, thus helping businesses frame marketing strategy.

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Brand Awareness Survey Template

Brand awareness surveys are helpful in knowing how aware your consumers are of your brand. With detailed analysis on your side, improve on factors that will help you create a better name amongst your target audience.

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Product Testing Survey Template

Launching a product is just not enough. You need to know how people are accepting it. What are the positives and what you can improve.

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Target Market Analysis Survey Template

Understand clients' target market by pitching the right questions. Ensure your client always have an edge over their competitors with target market surveys.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels & Restaurants being a service based industry relies a lot on word of mouth for its success and presence in the market. Customer experience- Good or Bad always pushes you to serve your customers better. Every time. Having Customer feedback by your side always gives you an edge over your competitors.

Staff Evaluation Survey Template

It is essential to know staff performance for the better of your business. A well performing staff will give your business new height and giving your guests the best services.

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Restaurant Feedback Form Template

Drive more business with better insights on customers' views of your restaurant. Act on the feedback received and improve experience for your customers and know how likely they are to become a promoter for you.

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Mystery Shopper Survey Template

Create a better customer experience for your customers at multiple outlets with secret shopper survey template. Act swiftly on sections that needs improvement.

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Hotel Feedback Form Template

Your guests words are critical for your hotels or resorts as they define where you stand in their eyes. Knowing their view is important for your business growth.

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Employee and HR

An organisation's growth largely depends on the performance of its employees. They give their best when they are happy and motivated. With Employee surveys at workplace, understand how friendly you're to your employees and where you need to improve. Even knowing what employee feel about themselves with self assessment surveys helps in knowing more about their interest in working with you and reaching organisation's goal. 

Job Satisfaction Survey Template

Employees are the core of any organisation and knowing employee job satisfaction factors are nearly as important for the growth of the business. Create workplace that keeps everyone motivated.

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Employee Self Assessment Template

Let employee speak for themselves, pitch them questions and let them answer on their own performance. It also help managers in knowing about employee's performance.

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Employee Exit Survey Template

An employee leaving can help you with an honest feedback about their experience with you. Pitch questions that can help you create wonderful workplace.

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Exhibition and Trade Shows

Exhibition and trade shows are important for every business. To make the most of trade shows, it is essential to capture leads effectively. Our templates can help on how you can switch from basic pen and paper method to a digital form and use GoSurvey as your next lead capture app.

Trade Show Lead Capture Form Template

Capture more leads at trade shows and exhibitions. Make the lead capturing process more efficient and smooth and much importantly the data stays at once place.

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Trade Show Visitor Satisfaction Survey Template

Know how was the experience of the people with the trade show organised. Did they face any issues? Will they attend such events in future? What you can do more to enhance their experience.

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For success of any education institution, the feedback and opinions of educators, staff, students and parents should be valued. In order to set up a good learning atmosphere, it is important for the schools and universities to focus on what feedback they have received. With feedback by the side, it will be easy for the educational sectors to identify those areas where the improvements are necessary.

Student Feedback Survey Template

Create a great learning atmosphere for students. Know how happy they're with the quality of education and other facilities.

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Course Evaluation Form Template

Evaluate how useful the course is for your students. Whether it's helpful to them and in their academic development?

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Election & Political

Elections are an integral part of any democratic country. People give their mandates to the political party or a representative for the good of the nation and its citizen. For Political parties it is necessary to understand the mood of the people and their expectations. Election & Political survey template can help media agencies and political parties with questions that can help in getting insights that matter.

Political Poll Survey Template

Understand the people's mood, their opinions on various matters related to elections and politics. Which way the vote will swing and who gets the mandate?

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Retail industry is much competitive with so many brands for people to choose from. It becomes essential to provide customers a rich experience with your products. Take a note of what customers like about you by conducting retail surveys to understand and address customer concerns quickly and efficiently.

Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Feedback is important to note from your customers about your products or services. It helps in taking important decision to keep your customers happy.

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Retail Mystery Shopper Survey Template

Experience the services at your brand's multiple outlets, based on various parameters just like a normal customers does with mystery shopper survey.

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Retail Store Evaluation Survey Template

Enhance shopping experience for customers at your retail store. With Store evaluations survey template, pitch questions that gives you better insights.

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A healthy society is a happy society. Healthcare sector largely understands this and every healthcare institution steps up to deliver the best service to the patients. However, it's necessary to have an insight of the services provided to the patients was really upto the mark or not. With Healthcare satisfaction survey it becomes easier to improve services. Not only this, you even get to know performance and issues of your staffs and doctors.

Health and Wellness Survey Template

Healthcare and wellness survey questionnaire can help you in knowing the healthcare facilities people receive is adequate or not. What can be done to improve services for them.

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Healthcare Performance Evaluation Survey Template

Enhance the healthcare service quality for your patients with individual feedback on staff, doctors and overall facilities.

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Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Enhance experience for your patients. Pitch questions to your patients that gives you true insight on the quality of care at your clinic or hospital.

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Events and Occasions

Concluded an event and curious about your audience view? Event surveys can help you know in detail what your audience liked about your event and where you can improve to make it more interesting for them. You can even pitch questions for event planning where you can ask people whether they liked your services or not.

Post Event Survey Template

Post event evaluation template can help you with questions that you can ask your visitors or attendees to get feedback.

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Event Planning Survey Template

Know how successful was your event planning went with the expectation of the clients. Ask questions that gives you valuable feedback to better your services.

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Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is perhaps that industry which never goes out of sight. People around the world travel to different parts of the their country or the other to explore the beauty and magnificence of the regions. In such a competitive era, it is important to give people the best experience while they travel. Here, you can find templates and questions that can be used in different categories to get a better understanding of what people want. 

Travel Survey Template

Know how you can improve travel experience for your customers. Pitch the right questions that helps you in making better business decisions.

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Airline Service Evaluation Survey Template

Here you can find questions on what people consider when choosing an airline. To enhance the experience for your guests it's important to know their opinion.

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Tourist Feedback Form Template

Tourist feedback is important for service improvement. Find question template inside that can help you get insights on your service quality.

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Flight Survey Template

Collect feedback of the passengers who selected your airline to travel. Pitch the right questions to know their overall experience inside the flight.

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Real Estate

Real-estate business owners understand how important the clients' satisfaction is. By implementing real estate surveys you can understand your clients' requirements. Further addressing their issues can leave them satisfied and chances of getting referrals increases as they become a promoter for your business. 

Real Estate Client Satisfaction Survey Template

Buyers at your place to buy a new home? Conduct client satisfaction survey and gather information regarding what type of home your customers are looking for.

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Real Estate Maintenance Survey Template

Know how satisfied people are by the maintenance service you provide. Pitch the right questions and know what more you can do to improve.

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