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Conduct Political Surveys - Easy & Fast on a Mobile App

An offline survey app to conduct political surveys anywhere. Get instant and accurate results. Cover issues that matters and know what the political landscape looks like.

Why Conduct Political Surveys?

Political surveys or public opinion surveys helps in determining the views of citizens towards their government, candidates and who they are going to vote for in the upcoming elections. GoSurvey’s election survey app is specifically designed for political research organizations and parties to conduct surveys and get insights on issues that people are facing and what needs to be improved.

What GoSurvey Offers?

Works Offline

No Internet connection is required while conducting surveys, data is safely stored in the app until the device is connected to the internet.

GPS Capture

GPS location Capture feature provides the actual location of the surveyor to find the authenticity of the data collected.

OTP Mobile Verification

Authenticate the mobile number of the respondent via verification code sent through text message. It can be done in offline & online mode.

Capture Photo and Video

Prompts the respondent to take a Photo or Video on camera equipped devices.

User Management

Create and manage users by providing them specific roles and different level of access for different survey projects.

Filters / Segmentation Management

Filters allow surveyor to manage the collected data and the team when they are launched in different locations at the same time.

Supports Local Languages

Survey forms can be configured in local or regional languages.

Real Time Reports and Analytics

View and Analyse Survey responses as soon as they are collected in charts and variety of formats.

Daily Progress Tracking

Track your survey progress on daily basis and accordingly plan your next move.

Download Results

Results are available to download in Excel, SPSS(.sav) and CSV format for monitoring data of specific survey.

Web-Based Survey

Your targeted audience can provide feedback/response in mobile/desktop browser.

Capture Signature

Capture a signature directly on the device screen.

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