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Offline Data Collection Tool

Automate your data collection task with GoSurvey. Use your iphone,ipad, Android phone & tablet to collect data anytime, anyplace even when offline.

Data Collection Made Easy with GoSurvey

An Offline data collection tool is a survey application by GoSurvey that helps market researchers, market research companies, government organizations & many other industry in conducting surveys or collecting field data using an ipad, iphone or Android smartphones/tablets. It is designed keeping in mind the fact that surveyors or researchers often struggle while collecting data or conducting market research on papers. GoSurvey mobile data collection app is purely digital which gives the freedom to collect field data anytime, anyplace.

What GoSurvey Offers?

Work Offline

Internet connection is not required for conducting surveys or collecting data.Your data is safely stored in the app & synced to your admin account once online.

GPS Capture

The GPS location of the surveyor is tracked & saved to check the authenticity of the data.

Capture Photo or Video

For more accurate data and authenticity, photo or video can be taken while conducting survey or collecting field data.

User Management

Create & Manage multiple users, assign roles, adjust level of access to each user for different survey projects.

Filters / Segmentation Management

Allows the surveyor to manage data while multiple people are collecting data from different locations at the same time.

Real Time Reports and Analytics

Instant analytics of collected data and survey responses in various user-friendly forms like graphs, pie-charts etc.

Partial Form Completion

This unique feature lets the surveyor save information of incomplete form and can fill the form later with complete information when the same is available.

Daily Progress Tracking

Survey progress can be tracked on a daily basis and gives you the freedom to plan the next tasks accordingly.

Download Results

Results can be downloaded in Excel, CSV & SPSS format.

Capture Signature

Digital signatures can be captured directly on the app.

Supports Local Language

Support for Indian regional languages & other international languages makes it easy for surveyor and the participants if in-case english is a barrier.

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