GoSurvey for iOS
GoSurvey for Android

Offline Lead Capture App For
Trade Shows and Events

Capture leads contact details and qualify using iOS and Android
devices at trade shows and events. No Internet required

Key Benefits

Works Offline

No Internet? No problem : GoSurvey enables you to collect data on offline mode without any difficulty.

Follow-Up Instantly

Automatically send a follow-up email to lead as soon as they are collected.

Automate Lead Routing

Setup rules to automatically route leads to a person or group of people by email.

Score Leads To Qualify

Know which leads are most valuable by scoring questions.

Capture Picture

Collect the picture of Lead’s business card or imp notes related to individual leads.

Conditional Question Display

Specify which question(s) to show based on the answers that have been selected.

Monitor staff In Real-Time

Remotely monitor on-site staff lead collection performance.

No Manual Data Entry

Capture contact details quickly and accurately directly on a iPads & Android tablets.

Real-Time Reports

Get instant lead contact details as soon as they are collected.

Tips and ideas for a successful trade show

Technologies for Trade shows

Trade Shows are nothing new. Ever since people started selling goods and services, they congregated in markets and fairs to show people their stuff.Technology is also nothing new. It’s helped make people’s lives better and their work more efficient since the dawn of time. Learn which 4 Technologies will help you to win competition.

Is Trade Show for Start-Ups?

Trade Shows are the perfect platform for startups. Here you can market your products, generate potential sales leads and detect the response of attendees to your product. 91% of attendees claim that trade shows have a big influence over their buying decisions because all the competition is concentrated at a single place.

Evaluate Your Competitors.

By using a trade show check list to research what your competitors are doing at events, you will be able to better evaluate how you compare to others based on image, professionalism, product distinction, visibility, exhibit design, and marketing distinctiveness. Follow the given check list to get the results.

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