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Stop relying on paper feedback forms and comment cards for customer feedback. GoSurvey allows you to create and conduct surveys with your iPads or Android tablets which comes with insightful reports and analytics of your surveyed data.

Offline Survey

No Internet connection is required while conducting surveys, data is safely stored in the app until the device is connected to the internet.


Keep your business branding strong with GoSurvey theme support that enables you to add your logo and customize the total look and feel


We used security and encryption tools to ensure that only you have access to your data is secure on the device, at GoSurvey and in transit.

Web-Based Survey

Your targeted audience can provide feedback/response in mobile/desktop browser.

Survey Scoring

Get quick survey results with scoring and analyse the performance based on the scores received in the particular area.

Partial Form Completion

In mobile based data collection, can save partially completed survey in mobile and complete remaining survey details later.

Auto Emailing

Get Auto emails/ alerts when a survey form is submitted and also send a pre-configured email to the consumer on completing the survey.

Response Based Notifications

Receive automated response notification depending on the survey response.

User Management

Create and Manage users by providing them specific roles and different levels of access for different survey projects.

Turn Tablets into Kiosks

Interact with customers and collect timely, in-person feedback with surveys.

Question Flow Logic

Question flow simplifies the task of making your survey perform logically. Questions can be included or bypassed depending on previous answers given.

Real Time Report & Analytics

View and Analyse Survey responses as soon as they are collected in charts and variety of formats.

Available on iPad & Tablet

Collect survey responses with iPad or Android tablets

Capture Signature

Capture a signature directly on the device screen

Capture Photos & Videos

 Prompts the respondent to take a Photo or Video on camera equipped devices

Map Coordinates

Capture the GPS location of the device at the time the survey is being conducted

Survey Duration

Calculate the length of time it took to complete a survey

Data Validation

Validation of all input fields, numbers and email addresses ensure accurate data

Customizable Surveys

Customize your surveys by selecting your screen layout, colors and background images relating to your products and services

Download Results

Results are available to download in Excel and CSV format for monitoring data of specific survey.

Professional Templates

Save time by using a variety of fully customizable, pre-made survey templates

Comment Section

Comment section allows your customers to enter personal message or opinion about your product and service.

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