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Measure your customer satisfaction with GoSurvey. Grow your business with true insights about your customer views. Create, Collect and Analyze in real-quick time.

Why Customer satisfaction is Important?

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. This holds true as customer satisfaction is at the core of any business practice today. Every business focuses on creating delightful experience for their customers to retain them and also build new ones. But how would you track your efforts? Are they yielding you results- more customers and delighting them to be your voice? The answer is by simply asking them. Customer satisfaction surveys gives you an insight about customers’ experience with you. Asking them the questions that matters can help you in knowing what they’re happy with and what needs to be improved.

What GoSurvey Offers?

Response Based Email Notification

Get instant notification for any negative feedback received. Immediate action can be taken to address the customer’s issue.

Instant Reports

Generate and analyze reports in a few clicks to measure your business performance. Reports can be downloaded in CSV, Excel & SPSS formats.

Best Wishes Email

Emails with best wishes on birthdays or anniversaries & offers on special occasions can be sent to customers automatically.

Multiple outlet Management

Managing and knowing multiple store’s performance is easy. Get reports instantly and swiftly take necessary actions for improvement.

Follow up SMS and Emails

Send SMS & e-mails automatically to know your customers’ experience with your business. Personalize for negative or positive feedback accordingly.

It works Offline

GoSurvey is a capable offline survey mobile app that doesn’t hamper your survey in-case of no-internet. The feedback collected is automatically synced when online.

NPS Reports

Net Promoter score can be used to measure the customers’ loyalty and happiness towards your business.

Turn Tablets into Kiosks

Create interactive surveys on your ipad or Android tablet & take customer feedback in style.

Local Language Support

GoSurvey supports local language. It becomes easier to configure & take customer feedback survey in any regional language.

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