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Quantify Customer Experience with Customer Feedback App

Customer feedback are the core of any business and is one of the main factor of growth! GoSurvey helps you to collect the customer feedback and provides you powerful insights.

Key Benefits

Response Based Email Notification

If someone rates negative, authority will get instant alert, so that they can attained the customer before they leave.

Instant Reports

GoSurvey not only collect the customer’s feedback but also provide Graphical Reports for measuring outlet’s performance.

Best Wishes Email

Send an auto email with best wishes & offers to your customers on their special occasions (Birthday and Anniversary).

Multiple outlet Management

If you have more than one Store, GoSurvey helps you to manage them by sitting at one place. You will get their reports instantly, so you don't need to rely on them.

Follow up SMS and Emails

GoSurvey will send Courtesy SMS and Emails to your customer automatically, It will also send apology SMS and Email to your customer in case of poor service.

It works Offline

If any of your outlet has poor internet connectivity, then not to worry, GoSurvey can collect the data in offline mode and will automatically push those data whenever it gets connected to internet.

NPS Reports

Use Net Promoter Score to measure the happiness and loyalty of your customers.

Turn Tablets into Kiosks

Transform your tablet into an interactive customer feedback collection kiosk.

Local Language Support

With the Local Language support feedback form can configure in the local language to get better insight of customer’s mind.
Build Strong Customer Relationship with the help of GoSurvey Advanced Features.

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