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GoSurvey is a real time tool for measuring customer experience.

What is GoSurvey? 

GoSurvey is a survey and data collection application developed and designed by Techgrains Technologies. GoSurvey was initially launched in 2011 exclusively for Government surveys. Data collection at that time was mostly done manually and to make it easier we came up with an offline functionality which completely eradicated the dependency on internet to collect data from mobile devices. Gradually, we started catering to market research companies, hospitality industry, trade shows and in the years ahead. On 1st January 2017, we launched GoSurvey as a full-fledged data and feedback collection app. Since then we have worked with businesses of all sizes and have numerous happy clients all over the world. We owe this success to our clients and the ever-efficient Team GoSurvey!

Our Mission 

Data is the new oil and it is a stepping stone to success for every business. Surveys done on pen and paper are not only slow and monotonous, it is often plagued with inaccurate results which completely diminishes the value of data. We want to bring businesses closer to the data that matters which can in turn help them take their business to great heights. So, we are here to make surveys simpler and easier.

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