User Guide


How user management works in GoSurvey?

Creating users is a great effort to designate the work within GoSurvey. It is very important to delegate the authority if the business is vast and difficult to manage. Gosurvey helps to manage the business by creating the users in your account. 
To configure/manage users, follow below steps:

Step 1

Login to your GoSurvey account with your username & password which you have set while creating the account.

After login, it would show the dashboard.


Step 2

In the left hand side panel of the screen click on Users link to add the users in your account. A blank screen will appear for adding the users.


Step 3

Click on Add Users button on the right top corner as shown in below figure.

Add Users

Step 4

  • A screen will appear to fill the details of user, that needs to be added. The fields to be entered are:
User Details
    • Username
      It is the unique name given to the user. This username will be used for login purpose.
    • Name
      Name of the user to be created.
    • Email Address
      Enter the email id of the user. Ensure that the email id should be unique and valid.
    • Password
      Set a password for the user to give privacy to the user created.
    • Confirm Password
      Anyone could easily make a mistake and submit the wrong password , so it's better to confirm the password, just retype the text which was entered in “Password” field.
    • User Status
      It allows the account owner if he wants to disable or activate the user as and when require. New user will be active on default.
    • Role
      There are four different types of role available:
      • Data Collector
        User under this role will only have access to collected the responses from the application and cannot operate the admin system.
      • Data Viewer
        User under this role will only have the authority to view the data collected and can view the reports.
      • Survey Manager
        User assigned with this role will have the access to every activity except data collection. The user with this authority will be able to edit or create the surveys, view and download reports, create users and payment settings.
      • Survey Creator
        User under this role will have authority only to create survey, theme and users.
      • Also the account owner can assign more than one role to a particular user based on the necessity.
    • Auto Assign Survey
      If this field is enable , the user will be auto assigned to every surveys as and when created.

In the right hand side there is a block with two check box in it:

    • Select the survey which needs to assign to the user.
    • Selecting Assign Survey field will automatically tick all the created surveys.
Assign Survey

Step 5

Click on Add Multiple Users button on the top right corner as shown in below figure.

Add Multiple Users

Step 6

  • A screen will appear to fill the details of multiple users, that needs to be added. The fields to be entered are:
    • Enter values as Name, Username, Password. One row will have one user detail.
Multiple User Details
  • Account owner can assign the user in respect of the filter values also.
  • To assign filter click on the Assign Filter icon on the right end on the User details.
Assign Filter
  • On clicking the Assign Filter a screen will show up. There will be a drop down to select the Filter values that are set up.
Select Filter Values
  • Select the level which needs to be assigned to the user. If level 1 is selected , the user will also be assigned to the filter level 2
Configure Filters
  • If Filter level 2 is selected , choose the filter value that needs to be assigned to the user.
Configure Filters
  • If this filter are assigned to particular user, the user will be able to collect the data of that specific filter only. This bifurcation helps the account owner to get the detailed report depending upon the filters and users respectively.