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Can I reallocate or transfer device licence from one device to another?

Yes, you can reallocate or transfer device licence from one device to another during your plan duration.To change or reallocate device, click on the Devices option present on the left panel of your da...

What is the Difference Between Unlimited Users And Number of Device Licence?

Unlimited UsersUnlimited users means you can create any number of users from your GoSurvey account. Be it for any role - like Survey Manager, Data collector, Data viewer etc. Number of Device Licence...

How can I upload the data after being online?

Once the data is collected in offline mode, switch on the data connection of your device and click on the “Upload data” button on the left side panel.The device will upload the data from your device t...

While in offline mode - where my collected data is stored?

The data that is gathered on offline mode will be stored in the application memory in an encrypted file format.

How can I upload my data if I logout from the application by mistake?

GoSurvey never loses the collected data from the device. Log in to the application with the same credentials you used for collecting the data, the responses gathered will be there in the app itself. C...

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