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How to set image as an option/answer?

GoSurvey allows you to upload images as an answer in multiple & single choice questions. To set image as an option, please refer to the below steps: Step 1: Login to https://admin.gosurvey.in wi...

How to do Resequence?

Resequence feature helps to move any particular question, group or page from its current position without deleting anything. It saves lots of time and avoid reworking. On top right of the Question co...

Does GoSurvey Auto Renew the Account?

No, your GoSurvey account doesn’t gets auto renewed. Once your account has expired you will have to purchase your choice of plan and required device licences to continue using GoSurvey.In-case of any ...

Can I Create Surveys From GoSurvey Mobile Application?

NO, You cannot create surveys on the GoSurvey mobile application. Due to user experience issues we have not made this feature available. You can create surveys from GoSurvey account dashboard on a PC ...

Can I Earn Money From GoSurvey?

No, you cannot earn money using GoSurvey.  

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