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How to Set Page Randomization?

Page Randomization feature is used to minimize question order bias and improve overall data quality of the survey. This feature enables you to randomize or flip the available pages in survey.

To set Survey Randomization please follow below steps:

Step 1:

Login to https://admin.gosurvey.in with your username & password which you have set while creating GoSurvey account. 
After login, it would show the dashboard.

Gosurvey Dashboard
Step 2:

Click on the “Surveys” link on the left side panel. Here you will see the list of surveys which have been created. Click on the survey you want to add page randomization to.

Gosurvey Select Survey
Step 3:

Upon clicking the survey you will arrive on the Edit Survey screen. On the top right side of the panel you will find an option - Questions, you need to click on that.

Gosurvey click on Question button
Step 4:

Click on “Randomization” button from the top right corner.

Gosurvey Randomization button
Step 5:

Here you will see two option available. A) Page and B) Question. Click on Page Button.

Gosurvey page Randomization
Step 6:

Here you will see the list of Page available in a survey. Create a block of the pages of which you want the randomization.

For example : Here I want that Page 3 and 4 should be randomize and Page 5 and 6, So I will create a block of 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 by allocating them a same color as explained in below image.

Gosurvey page Randomization Example

Now, every respondent will see different sequence of these pages, first respondent might see 4th page first and then 3rd page and vice versa for second respondent.

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