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Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagament surveys are a great way to determine how dedicated your employees are to the goal of the company. Start surveying today with GoSurvey!

What is Employee Engagement Survey?

To stand clear, Employee engagement doesn’t mean the same as employee happiness. An employee might be happy working with you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re giving their true efforts and working productively in the interest of the organisation. Employee satisfaction solely predicts the happiness of the employee in an organization while employee engagement determines the emotional connection of the employee towards their work and the organisation. To make sure they’re motivated to achieve the goal of the organization, employee engagement surveys can help you.

What GoSurvey Offers?

Anonymous Surveys

Increase participation in surveys by employees. Anonymous surveys gives you honest answers & opinions leading you to an accurate insights & actions.

Instant Reports

Generate and analyze reports in a few clicks to measure your employees performance. Reports can be downloaded in CSV, Excel & SPSS formats.

Performance Assessment

Identify employees who have low-level of engagement, take necessary actions quickly and efficiently.

Exit Feedback

Take surveys from employees upon their exit. Analyze their responses with your managers and look for scope of improvement.

Training & Assessment

Get insights on how well employees took interest in trainings & assess how useful it was for them.

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