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How multi outlet management and alert notification turn out to be the game changer for the Sankalp group.

The scenario faces by Sankalp, a restaurant chain with 150 outlets and serving the industry for over three decades was altogether different and had its own difficulties. Sankalp needed a sound technology that was cost effective as well as could help manage all the 150 facilities sitting at one place.

The top management had to ensure the uniform taste of food and a standard quality of service across the facilities. When the franchises did not meet the standards established by the group, the name of the group was at stake which was a major concern for the top management. Therefore it was also important to know how the franchises were doing across the world. Motivated by these concerns, Sankalp resorted to manual surveys only to experience tough challenges on the move.

  • Problems

    The challenge was to manage multi outlets all over the world (150 outlets) and ensuring dat security. Customer connection was weak and there was no post feedback system which could be used to retain them.

  • Solutions

    A cost-effective technology was needed which could help manage 150 outlets from one place and ensure data security. A system was needed that could help customer engagement enhancement and better customer relationships.

  • Outcome

    The company is getting customer feedback instantly with a feature that allows real-time negative ratings. Customer retention has increased 35% and there is no threat of data tampering due to data storage done on cloud. Real time reports of all the outlets became possible.

  • Key features

    The feedback system employs an alert-based notification that helps in better customer retention. The technology has a follow-up feature. It works without internet connectivity also and is cost-effective. Real time reports of 150 outlets are possible.                         

Challenges in front of Sankalp

In general, the manual data collection process was rather mechanical, time consuming and was not accurate. There was a heavy risk that the data was tampered in several levels. The right solution for such a massive network was really tough to get from the conventional survey process. Also the survey did not help connect with the customers across the globe. The data security could never be ensured and there was never a possibility for post feedback process for customer retention.

The GoSurvey route gave them all that they needed

When the management decided to implement GoSurvey digital survey platform, their difficulties were just reversing. The company could now know what the customers were saying about them. The alert notification feature notified any negative comment instantly. Data security was perfect and the data could be stored in the cloud server. Real time reports were generated about the individual outlets. Since the platform could work offline, it was all the more convenient. Alert based notifications and follow up features enhance the performance of Sankalp driving the customer retention by 35% eventually.

Final Word

Digital surveys are rapidly gaining popularity among businesses as valuable data collection, data processing and data interpretation tools while conducting surveys. GoSurvey’s inimitable features have created strides in the world of business surveys providing businesses with accurate and highly dependable insights to fine tune their processes and performance.

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