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How the real time complex reports and scoring feature helped them to do SWOT analysis and improve their performance.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is one of the top requirements to thrive in the hotel industry. More than spending on rampant marketing campaigns, it is important to check how satisfied the existing customers are. For quite some time, Cidade de Goa has been conducting surveys to gauge the satisfaction levels in the guests. Talking on the challenges faced by their business, Viraj from Cidade de Goa remarked, “Initially, we used to create all the complex reports manually, which was real headache for us, as it was very time consuming and full of human errors.” 

  • Problems

    Manual collection of data from 100s of handwritten feedback forms, and these were often incomplete. Due to human error, reports created based on the data for each department were inaccurate, and the information was incomplete.

  • Solutions

    Technical solution was required which could eliminate the paperwork and generate reports in real time for individual departments so that they could work on their strengths and weaknesses. Accuracy, ease of access and management were important for these reports.

  • Outcome

    With GoSurvey technology, the staff performance has improved by 70%. The technology has enabled them to generate reports in one hour which usually took around one month to process.

  • Key features

    As stated in the solution requirement, the technology is easy to use and manage and provide real time reports. It is cost effective as well as saves a lot of time. 

Survey challenges they faced

Collecting guest feedbacks from hundreds of guests on a daily basis on papers was never an easy task. All the more difficult was the fact that the data had to be entered manually. While each of the inputs was never accurate in most cases, there were several instances of human error and most times, the outcome was only a mere waste of money, futile and not useful to know the strengths and weaknesses of the business.

The need

Viraj representing Cidade De Goa needed a sound technology that was paperless and ruled out any manual entry. It was expected to provide real time reports for each of the individual departments. Also, the solution had to be cost effective, ensure data security, easy to manage and produced 100 percent accurate results.

How GoSurvey turned things in their favor

Once Viraj relied on GoSurvey, it was amazing to see how a process that would take about a month was completed within an hour. GoSurvey worked perfectly for their expectations generating complex reports within a click of the button. In addition, the data was useful to list out the training needs. The scores and attributes of every single department could be scored, sorted and measured to assess the strengths and weaknesses. As a consequence, the organization could focus more on training to see that the performance was boosted up by 70%. Cidade De Goa found GoSurvey economical, very easy to manage and work in real time producing accurate reports. Thus, they felt they had landed on the perfect survey platform that removed all their worries and difficulties about surveys. 


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