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Case Study

Ensuring customer satisfaction is one of the top requirements to thrive in the hotel industry. More than spending on rampant marketing campaigns, it is important to check how satisfied the existing customers are. For quite some time, Cidade de Goa has been conducting surveys to gauge the satisfaction levels in the guests. Talking on the challenges faced by their business, Viraj from Cidade de Goa remarked, “Initially, we used to create all the complex reports manually, which was real headache for us, as it was very time consuming and full of human errors.”

The scenario faces by Sankalp, a restaurant chain with 150 outlets and serving the industry for over three decades was altogether different and had its own difficulties. Sankalp needed a sound technology that was cost effective as well as could help manage all the 150 facilities sitting at one place. The top management had to ensure the uniform taste of food and a standard quality of service across the facilities. When the franchises did not meet the standards established by the group, the name of the group was at stake which was a major concern for the top management.